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Traveling Information


            ( WELCOME )

You will need the following in order to travel:

  • Passport

  • Visa

  • Vaccination ( At least Yellow Fever)

  • Pocket money

If  you are planning a trip to Africa.,especially if this is your first,  then hopefully this will help put your mind at ease. It is always with  humility, a light heart and an open mind that we try to return to our Ancestral Homeland as honest seekers of truth instead of ambassadors of our colonizers.

 You will have to the only immunization you are required by Ghana,Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Kenya to have is for Yellow Fever. All the others are optional, and entirely up to you. Some doctors tend to be aggressive in trying to sell you on other vaccinations but again it's up to you. Sometimes they base their pitch on whether your trip is long term or short tern etc. But not all doctors speak from personal experience ,having never traveled to the continent. The vaccination is usually good for 10 years. And there is a yellow Immunization paper  in which you will need to enter the continent. It's common to keep with your passport. We also recommend  taking an herbal cleanse to assist with removing the toxins check out the herb sections


 Modern (chemicalized) Malaria treatments of any kind DO NOT ensure prevention from Malaria. It's common for people to  to bring  mosquito repellent, But we do have natural alternatives  through herbal remedies both on our site and through our network of healers in West Africa.But if you decide to take the colonial route there are both herbs and pharmacies everywhere. You can always purchase either or. But just know that its also common that many also choose not to partake in modern medicine at all including malaria treatments.

Herb Markets & Pharmacies
There are Herb markets and Herbalists who have generations of experience as Healers who will assist you with any health concerns. Also there pharmacies everywhere in you need prescription or over the counter medication.

Don’t drink water from the tap ever. You can purchase bottled water from most any shop, or pure water sachets from hawkers on the street. A bottle of water is about .50 cents a liter and a sachet is about .3 cents a bag. Good bottled water would be Dasani (a Coke product), Voltic and Aqua-In; good sachet water producers would be Ice Cool, Aqua-In, Voltic and Little Drops.

Bring your own. Personal hygiene products are pretty basic /generic , so if you have a favorite, shampoo, deoderant, razor, shaving cream, make-up, cream, tampon, or pad, bring it. You may not find it there.

Africa has thousands of taxis, and sadly, not all of the taxi drivers are licensed to drive. Use your good judgment when hailing a taxi; does the car appear to be in good condition and clean inside and out, is the driver neatly dressed, does the driver speak English? Negotiate the price before you get in. Other forms of transportation: Tro-tros, Fast Cars, STC buses,and car.Considering the heavy traffic, the road conditions, the nameless streets, the reckless drivers, the lack of street signage or traffic lights, and so on, you may want to think twice before you drive yourself around anywhere in Africa.

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