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How To Use Fozy?

Fozy is a traditional herb often used in many parts of West Africa such as Togo, Benin, Ghana and more. It has both medicinal and spiritual qualities.This is one of those herbs that would be a lot more beneficial to the world if only the diaspora knew more about it. Though it is very bitter in taste, it has a variety of health benefits. This herb has many names in different languages. But the main name that i'm familiar with is Fozy. As I learn more names I will share it with you in a later article. Fozy , which is a root, is much more useful when it is in powdered form because there are many methods to pull from when it comes to its benefits. For those of you who are familiar with our Brain Cleansers ( article coming soon),Fozy is one of the key ingredients. One of the unique things about African tradition is the unique ways in which we use nature to find solutions to our problems. It may not always make sense to us at times but it works.

Medicinal uses

-joints inflammation

-weight loss,

-brain cleanser



-spiritual properties

-to clean vagina,

-eyes problems,


1.)How to use for Joint Problems-

- You can add water and make a paste and place it on the external areas.

2.)Weight loss-

-boil half a cup of water mix one tablespoon of fozy in the cup. Drink one or two spoons a day.

-Suggestion It is encouraged to take stay hydrated drink lots of water and add more Alkaline fruits to your diet while taking Fozy because its very strong. After taking for one week, rest for at least 2-3 weeks. You can continue after one week it's just important to know that too much can sometimes cause diarrhea. If this happens to you, wait until the diarrhea is over to start using Fozy again.

3.) Brain cleanser, Brain tumor, Brain cancer-

- Sniff a small pinch once a week or 2-3 times daily

4.)To clean vagina when you have cramps-

After awakening, before speaking to anyone, mix fozy in a bucket of water. Use to clean vagina for 4 days.

(Spiritual Benefits in a later article)

Eye problems-

put a pinch of fozy in a cup of water,and leave it on your roof. Upon awakening before talking to anybody, you make your wishes and clean your face with it.

Do Not Use:

Pregnant women. Children unless a small amount is used for spiritual bath. People that are physically to weak. Ex. Someone who is severely fatigued shouldn't be using fozy to lose weight.

Prices May Vary depending on your needs for Fozy which will determine the amount that you need. choose options wisely.But feel free to visit our online store in the herb section. Shop with us.

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