$15 per ball,   ( see details below)


Korodo is a  liver,kidney,spleen and lung cleanser that helps remove toxins  and restores function to the liver. The liver is an important organ as it helps clean the toxins from the system. So for example Alcohol and drug use (including over the counter drugs and pharmaceuticals) , or a poor diet can affect the liver negatively reducing the function of the Liver. So if anythting in the example applies to your or you just want get healthy and clean out your vital organs. It is reccomended to use periodically or atleast twice a year. Korodo can also be used to replaice Dialysis and even remove excess water or fluids in the body that usually comes as a side affect. One should not uses toxins to remove another set of toxins. Just use what nature has to offer. Our body recognizes souley just like food. No side affects from nature!

$15 per ball,   A set of 3-5 is reccomended for general health. Otherwise a Set of 5-10 or more will be reccomended depending on the current state of ones health ( feel free to contact us if you have any questions)



Raw Herbs or Vegan Capsules?( Prices will Vary)
  • 1.)Tea- You can take 1 Korodo ball and boil in water. One ball can last you from 2 days to 1 week depending on how much water you use. Or how many times you re-use it. 


    2.) capsules - 3 to 6 caps daily

  • Korodo is a very old African remedy


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