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Mulleinf is a great herbs that aids in Improving the respiratory system. It helps with asthma, coughs, cold, flu, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and bronchitis etc. It also heps tro strengthin the immune system.

  • Helps with Allergies and Bacterial Infections
  • helps with Gout and skinn issues
  • Helps maintain normal breathing*
  • Helps soften and dissolve hardened mucus*
  • Cleanses excess of mucus*
  • Aids with inflammation and burns
  • Helps nourish, cleanse and maintain a healthy circulation and respiratory system*
  • Helps maintain healthy joints*
  • Helps maintain healthy breathing and clean passage ways
  • Helps to sooth and calm nasal/sinus tissue*


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  • Raw Herbs -

    • Take a 3 finger pinch of herbs  per 16 oz -24oz of water
    • Boil in hot water, preferably  Spring or Alkaline. (Strainer is optional)

    Vegan Pill Capsules -

    • 100 capsules- 3 capsules a day or 6 a day



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