Frequently Asked Questions

Is Intuiitve Heart Healing similar to Reiki?

It is similar in that both are forms of energy healing and the practitioner channels energy. Valeri is attuned to reiki energy however she has developed her own style. She channels all the loving and life force energy, through her heart while connecting to her channel of heart healing energy. She allows her intuition to guide her and trust the guidance from her ancestors, guides, angels, and light beings. Valeri continues to keep her energy channels clear by putting in the work to release what is not serving her, eating clean, exercise, meditation, and a strong connection to spirit.

What is Intuitive Heart Readings?

Intuitive Heart Readings is guidance on where your energy is at right now and how you can continue with the energy or was you can shift that energy for your highest good.Valeri doesn't give you times and dates on when things will happen or information on if your pregnant or if you meant your soul mate.Valeri believes with all have free will and that we can create our lives. She helps to give you guidance and tools on how to create your life aligned with your highest good.

What is energy healing?

Energy healing is a technique that makes changes and shifts to your energy body bring balance and healing to your body, mind, and spirit.

What types of healing can I expect from an Intuitive Heart Healing?

Every time you receive healing, it is different, and every person's experience is different.You may receive peace, relaxation, or rejuvenation. Some people experience relief of physical aches and pains or release of emotions. It will help you to develop a stronger spiritual connection.Some people benefit from more than one session, depending on where you are in your journey.Energy healing helps get you started. Valeri will give you some tools based on your session to continue to do the work and keep the energy flowing at your frequency.