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Hounnon Togbokandji

     ​Hounnon Togbokandji is a traditional practitioner of West African Vodun. He is both a Fon and Ewe Priest and practitioner of FA/AFA (IFA) , Mami-Dan, Sakpata, Mama Tchamba, Zogbe, Heviosso/Sango, Ogou/Gu/Egu (Ogun), etc with many other Vodun  initiations under his belt. He was initiated in Benin by Hounnon-Gan Ato-Ogou Olawole Adjibodou and Olori Adjanan Baba Oro at the Temple of Ato-Ogou in   Hogbonou, Benin. Togbokandji is also the  "Agba Go Gan  Aholou Ton" or Dignitary to HRM Dé-Kpoto-Zounmé Hakpon III, The late King of Hogbonou.  He was also initiated in Vodu in Ghana by Tobokor Santo and Hounnon Sakplatoke of Yensoso and Adawso. Although they are both Ewe,  their lineages go back to the Volta region as well as the  Fon-Adja people of Benin.

       Hounnon Togbokandji has also received   some initiations and spiritual training in traditions outside of Vodun such as Akom by Okomfor Nana Abena of the Akom tradition in the Eastern/Volta Region. And Dagomba traditions by Tindanaa Seu Mashu of Diairy(Diaa-ree), in the Northern regions of Tamale,Ghana. Its there that Togbokandji is refered to as Mallugnaa ( Priest or Chief Herbalist ).

His spiritual journey started well over 10 years ago. He started as an honest seeker of truth which led him in many directions. It was evident to him that he would not find the answers he was looking for in his text books. After all, how could one accept this information as truth, when it was written by the same people that colonized his ancestors in the first place? Through his yearning to seek knowledge of self and the guidance of those who had his best interest in mind, Menuhati was able to study and learn about African culture and spirituality from the perspective of his ancestors. 

     Menuhati  would learn first hand by emerging himself into the culture. Menuhati has traveled to, Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin & Ghana; just to name a few. On the continent of his ancestors he was able to practice under various priest; participating in ceremonies, rituals, medicines, and daily activities carried out by his ancestral brothers and sisters. He has also visited various temples,priesthoods, King-ships and festivals throughout West Africa.

     Menuhati has experienced first hand, the unity among African culture and the simplistic lifestyle that keeps everyone in alignment with nature and spirituality. This has given him a drive and passion to teach those in the US. To bring like-minded individuals together to embrace their history and reclaim their culture. He strives to bring core values such as, community, respect, pride and power back into the black neighborhoods of San Diego, where he was born and raised. Along with many other black communities in the diaspora.         

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