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    The name "Ghana" means " Warrior King " it was appointed by Ghana's 1st African President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah himself along with Dr. J.B. Danquah. The name was inspired by Ghana gaining its independence from British March 6, 1957. Prior to that, Ghana was formally known as the Gold Coast.

       Many Africans from all over the diaspora have been making their way to Ghana. Even though 2019-20 has been marked as the " Ghana Year Of Return", make no mistake that Many have been Repatriating back home to to Ghan for over the past 20 years.

Enjoy Ghana for 4-days

 In just 4 days you can not only experience the history and culture that Ghana has to offer, but you will have a great time doing it. We will start in Accra and experience the Highlights such as Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, W.EB Dubois Center, Local Markets, Art Center and night life etc. Then we will make our way to Cape Coast  Castle and Elmina Slave dungeons. Followed by Kankum National Forest. As well as Treetop canopy. This is a compact trip you don't want to miss.

 Experience Ghana in 8-days

  Explore much of the beauty of Ghana as we travel to some of the most beautiful sites thats Ghana has to Offer. We will visit many Historic sites, Ashanti Craft Villages, Local Markets, Ancient Kingdoms and more. This experience will get you very much acquainted with Ghana. Our brothers and sisters back home are very hospitable and warm  and make you jnot wanna leave.

ROOTED in the History and Culture of Ghana 8-days

  Many people are fascinated with the rich history of Ghana, from the Ashanti people as well as the other Akan groups and their traditional practices known as " Akom". They are the largest ethnic group in Ghana and located in Kumasi (Ashanti region) to the Eastern region. The  Ewe people ( aye-vays/ Eh-ways) Are the 2nd largest ethnic group in Ghana located in the Volta region which is the Ewe capital. Many are also fascinated with their traditional culture as well known as Vodu/voodoo. This tour will teach you much of their ancient knowledge while experiencing the evolution of Ghana in present-day time.

Afrochella, New Years & Edina Bronya Festival 8-days

Many of you have heard of Coachella in the U.S., But wait until you attend the Afrochella Festival. Every year  the event attracts thousands of people , many which come from from all over the world to celebrate Africa's thriving culture, food, music, fashion, art,talent and live performances etc. Followed by the New Year and Edina Bronya.During this time,This is a period of purification, sacrifices to the gods, remembrance of the ancestors, and the welcoming of a new year. Families celebrate by pouring libations and inviting others to participate as there will later be a feast. Along with many other amazing things we'll be doing

Rooted in Traditions Tour - 14 days

This trip is all about celebrating our African Heritage spreading across 3 countries Ghana, Togo and Benin. We will visit many slave sites, dungeons, memorials and nature sites.We will also explore some amazing beaches as well as the night life. But the highlights of this trip will be a series of festivals taking place in each country. We will meet Kings, Queens, and Big Chiefs along with alot of other important figures. After this trip you will be well travelled with way more experience on African soil than when you signed up for the trip.

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