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          Experience Benin in 8-days
       ( Cotonou,Alladah,Ouidah,Port Novo,Abomey, )
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Day 1- Cotonou

  • We will arrive in Cotonou and then check into hotel

  • Group Orientation of the trip

Day 2 - Cotonou

  • We'll have a city tour of Cotonou​ including major landmarks

  • We will also experience nightlife in Cotonou

  • Return back to hotel

Day 3 - Alladah

  • Visit the Kings Palace of Alladah

  • Travel to the birthplace of Toussaint L'Overture a prominent figure in the Haitian Revolution in which Haiti gained its independence from France.

  • Return back to hotel.

Day 4 - Ouidah

  • We will spend time in Ouidah ( Traditionally known as Quidah ). 

  • Visit the "Point of No Return" as well as experience the beach life (Day Time).

  • We will also visit "The Sacred Forest" and the Tree of forgetfulness

  • We will walk the "Road of Slaves" and the slave trading post.

  • We will visit the "Temple of Pythons".

  • After City tour we will return to the hotel.

 Ouidah ( aka Quidah) is a very historic part of  Dahomey ( pre-coloial Benin). Many people refer to Ouidah as the capital of Vodun or the birthplace of vodun (voodoo). So there is alot to see and experience in this magical place.

Day 5 - Porto Novo

  •  We will arrive in Porto Novo ( aka Hogbonou ) and then check into hotel. 

  •  We'll have a city tour of Porto Novo as well as experience night life.

  •  We will visit the "Temple of Ato-Ogun" and we will meet and experience some of the traditional customs in the area. 

  • Experience the magical demonstration of Zangbeto ( Guardians of the Night) as you will see the power of indigenous spiritual systems. You will see the impossible become possible.

  • We will also experience the demonstration of the Kuvito ( Ancestral Divinity) masquerade.

  • We will return to Hotel

Day 6 - Abomey 

  • We will visit the Royal Palace Museum

  •  We will learn about the history of many great Kings such as Benhanzin ( one of the last Kings to defend the Dahomey against the french ). 

  • We will meet the current  King of Abomey.

  • We will visit the market and meet the Black Smiths as they display their talent and skills. ( They will be making many iron and copper products with embroidery).

Day 7 - Cotonou

  • Return to Cotonou early morning

  • Visit the local markets

  • Return to hotel

Day 8 - Departure

  • Departure for return flight

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