Burkina Faso


" The Donso Hunter Society Tour "

The word Donso comes from "Don" (to know) and "So" (house), and means ‘the house of knowledge, the one who possesses knowledge’. 

The Donso is a traditional confraternity of Hunters. They also comprise of Griots and very talented Musicians who have preserved a vast history of knowledge through song and many other methods such as divination by placing a horsetail above your shoulder while in song. African societies have always lived in harmony with both the seen and unseen world also known as the supernatural. They are seers and traditional healers with a vast knowledge of medicinal plants, rituals, the animal kingdom, hunting , and shrines (fetishes). They represent an example of moral integrity and are very well known and highly respected in their communities. They are now making history by opening  their initiations to the Diaspora.

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