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About Us

       First and foremost, we would like to thank all of  you  and Your Ancestors, especially for taking the time to consider what Stay R.O.O.T.E.D. has to offer.We welcome all honest seekers of truth from both the African continent and the diaspora.  Your cultural and spiritual development is important to us. Therefore, it is our wish to assist you with integrity in finding the Ancestral knowledge, wisdom and understanding in which you seek  directly from the paradigm or cultural lenses of our Ancestral Heritage and NOT from our Oppressors/Colonizers.

        If we are honest in our quest for authenticity , then it is vital that we go to the source. We have to learn from our cultural traditions directly if we are to truly benefit from what our Ancestors contributed to the world. There is a proverb, " The Dog does not go to the cat to learn how to be a Dog ". Some of the biggest misconceptions is that our African traditions no longer exist or that they are inaccessible to the diaspora. Often times we tend to take an academic approach when seeking to learn our truths, instead of taking a "hands on" approach by learning from those who have stayed closely connected to our indigenous practices for many generations/millennia. 

        This is why our goal is to serve as an (Ancestral) Bridge, re-submerging ourselves into the  value systems we were once accustomed to. Which is why for those who can't access the motherland directly we will make an honest effort to bring Africa to you! In doing so, we are providing a number of services such as Natural healing, herbal remedies, divinations,  initiations, classes, and many other Spiritual Services. We are also providing a variety of African products which we encourage you to explore at our Online Store !!


       We will  also periodically travel to African soil where we can have a first-hand experience with customs,ceremonies, community, health and spiritual practices. Through these experiences we will have the ability to re-frame our  way of  thinking in order to mold a viable mindset to our generations to come.


We are " BUILDING ANCESTRAL BRIDGES" in an effort to reconnect humanity back to our Ancestral Heritage
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